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Ponytail hairstyles are trendy
Refined braids are THE trend this coming summer. On hot days, pinned-up hairstyles are comfortable to wear, and if, like Magdalena Brzeska, ends in a braid into a bun, it is particularly extravagant to look at. This hairstyle is not only suitable as a chic beach look because it defies wind and water, but also for an elegant party in the evening. In order to achieve sufficient length and volume for this hairstyle, 40 cm hairtalk extensions are required. So in the end it is no problem for the braid around the back of the head to have enough "mass" for a bun. ... -Wigs.html

Magdalena has been a big hairtalk extensions fan for years and likes to try out different styling options. In addition to the look, the quality is decisive for Magdalena: "I have already tried many products and I have decided that hairtalk is of great quality. They are easy to blow and style. "

Naturalness with hairtalk extensions made from high-quality Remi real hair
The ultra-flat, 3 cm long adhesive strips with high-quality, Remi real hair are used by the hairdresser in their own hair in less than an hour. The result is an unobtrusive hair extension with flat connections that visually blend perfectly with your own buy human hair wigs hair. This eliminates pain when lying down, such as causing bonds.
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